My Very First Photoshoot as Photographer’ Assistant

Hi, I’m back after decades not writing on my not so famous blog lol

Today marked the few weeks after bali lockdown because the COVID-19 virus . Lots of things going on, people lost their jobs, businesses also closed and no tourists allowed to enter the country to decrese the COVID-19 . 

Before this virus went viral at the end of 2019, i experienced some good stepping stones that change my life and one of my wishes coming true slowly . i quit my job at the villa as a head cook because some “reasonable” reasons and being jobless. one of the reason was because “the man of my dream” come to visit me after a year long distance . quickly 4 weeks exploring some places together and afterward im all alone again as he flying back to his castle . 

Anyway, he is gone and im jobless with my loneliness . 3 days resting and thinking what to do with this life, here is come the guest that i used to served in the villa months ago texted me and asked me to meet up for coffee and i agreed because i have nothing to do anyway . he is american and work as photographer and asking me some advices about some good places in bali or business because he might want to open business here . we had nice meeting and said i wasnt work at the villa anymore because bla bla bla . 

some days passed until he offer me to be his assistant for shooting and offer me money and i said to him, i never been but ill try my best. 
long story short he is also allow me to take my camera with me and took some pictures .

so happy that everything went well and he helped me to build on my business online .
bammmm! ill tell you in another blog what is it ,
here is some pictures that i took during the session.

a visit to change your mind about how ungrateful you are these days

Hi, Yohana here.
I wanted to share a moment with you about my first time visiting orphanage in Bali.

That night I was logged onto my fb account, Im not really active on fb anymore because IG is more interesting at the moment  except for doing my online business to post something on local fb page .

After few minutes scrolling and surfing, I found this interesting post about this woman asking for help/donation for this mother and baby care orphanage that is close to my work place, im not sure why, I went directly to her account added her as a friend on fb and send her message if I could go with her the next time she visit to the orphanage and she answered with “yes, ..” and send me the pin location to the orphanage .

I was excited but also pretty nervous because I never been in this kind of situation before .

The day is finally arrived, I went there by myself and everyone else was there already, there is laugh, happiness and also sadness .
lots people brought supplies to help and also toys for kids.
there is 7 kids in the orphanage, 4 toddlers and 3 babies (2 of them is premature) all with different stories.

The littlest one “AMARA” was born when she was 32 weeks old and her mother is passed away from critical condition . she was left alone at the hospital in the incubator because his father  don’t know what to do, her father is just a young boy who is still don’t understand what having kids means and also don’t have a job .
the hospital decided to called the orphanage and also make a deal with the baby father to give his daughter under orphanage and will take her after he is stable with his living condition . Amara only weight 1,8 kg now and really fragile .

Amara is one of million stories that’s happen in the orphanage,  Visiting the orphanage is a life changing experience and you start appreciating the little things in life when you see people who don’t have them. Only at such times do you tide over the insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture.

I feel extremely fortunate that I HAVE MY PARENTS WITH ME, THESE LITTLE ANGELS DON’T.

def will be back

IMG_0918[1]IMG_0951[1]IMG_0940[1]IMG_0949[1]IMG_0946[1] .Orphanage Adress